Why Forgive?
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Why Forgive?

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Having seen anger, resentment, and despair destroy far too many lives, the writer of this extraordinary book on forgiving dispenses with glib pronouncements and lets the often untidy experiences of ordinary people speak for themselves. In Why Forgive? the reader will meet men and women who have earned the right to talk about the importance of overcoming hurt and about the peace of mind they have found in doing so. Hurt is an understatement, actually, for many of these stories deal with the harrowing effects of violent crime, betrayal, abuse, bigotry, and war. But Why Forgive? examines life's more mundane battle scars as well: the persistent hobgoblins of backbiting, gossip, and strained family ties; marriages gone cold; and tensions in the workplace. As in life, not every story has a happy ending—a fact Arnold thankfully refuses to skirt. The book also addresses the difficulty of forgiving oneself, the temptation to blame God, and the turmoil of those who simply cannot seem to forgive, even though they try. Why forgive? Read these stories, and then decide.

  • Author: Johann Christop Arnold
  • Pages: 218
  • Year: 2014
  • ISBN: 9780874869422

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