Journal of Elias Hicks
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Journal of Elias Hicks

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For 175 years, the prevailing image of Elias Hicks has been a false one. His opponents in the Religious Society of Friends have successfully misrepresented him as denying Christ and the Scriptures. In his last year of life, Hicks reluctantly penned a reply to these charges, recounting in his journal how God had ordered his life. But the published journal was edited into a bland portrayal of one of the most dynamic figures in Quaker history. Paul Buckley has meticulously compiled a new edition of "The Journal of Elias Hicks" from the original manuscripts--most in Hicks' own handwriting-- that restores more than 100 pages of missing material.--Publisher's description.

  • ISBN: 9780979711053
  • Author: Elias Hicks ; Paul Buckley ; Elias Hicks
  • Pages: 509
  • Year: 2009

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