Growing into Goodness: Essays on Quaker Education
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Growing into Goodness: Essays on Quaker Education

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In these essays, the author tries to address practical issues of teaching and learning from historical perspectives, to see what insights Quakerism in particular has offered, and to discover what influences have been most powerful on Quakers concerned with education. The first four essays look at the spiritual purposes of our schools, how schools interpret the phrase "that of God in everyone," the place of the meeting for worship, the business method and the testimonies in the educational project. The next three essays examine finding suitable teachers, addressing the economics of Quaker education, and discovering what a "guarded education" ought to be. The final three essays survey affinities with and influences from several philosophies of education and discuss the connections of ethics and ethos in Quaker education.

  • Author: Paul Lacey
  • Pages: 294
  • Year: 1998
  • ISBN: 0875749334

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