Christians at Work: Not Business as Usual
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Christians at Work: Not Business as Usual

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Work shapes nearly everyone's life. Wood, director of Good News Ministries and Counseling, leads Christian workers through such workplace pitfalls as control, anger, fear, troublesome people and romantic or sexual complications. Wood explores the possibilities of ministry within the workplace and faces directly the stumbling blocks inherent in being a Christian in the workplace. She asks us to consider the power of God's presence in the workplace. Wood notes that gratefulness, forgiveness, prayerfulness and having a servant's heart provide sacramental moments in which God's presence is real to us, touches us and blesses us—and our co-workers. She provides discussion questions at the end of each chapter to enhance the use of the book by study groups.

  • Author: Jan Wood
  • Pages: 151
  • Year: 1999
  • ISBN: 9780836191011

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