Spiritual Energies in Daily Life
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Spiritual Energies in Daily Life

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"In saying that religion is energy I am only seizing one aspect of this great experience of the human heart. It is, however, I believe, an essential aspect. A religion that makes no difference to a person's life, a religion that does nothing, a religion that is utterly devoid of power, may for all practical purposes be treated as though it did not exist. The great experts—those who know from the inside what religion is—always make much of its dynamic power, its energizing and propulsive power. Power is a word often on the lips of Jesus; never used, it should be said, in the sense of extrinsic authority or the right to command and govern, but always in reference to an intrinsic and interior moral and spiritual energy of life." —From the text of Spiritual Energies in Daily Life.

  • Author: Rufus M. Jones
  • Pages: 200
  • Year: 2016
  • ISBN: 9781530224821

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