ILLUMINATE: Genesis, A Book of Beginnings
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ILLUMINATE: Genesis, A Book of Beginnings

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From the Friends Bible Study Series, ILLUMINATE.

“As a book of beginnings, Genesis has as its central concern the explanation of why things are the way they are. And we must read Genesis as a foreign text. It is ancient. It comes to us from a culture other than our own, and from a place many of us will never visit. Even so...this story has become our story. Our place, then, as readers is to understand that this text should undermine our certainties. It should challenge our cultural assumptions, and if we let i t, we might also find that it challenges our assumptions about God, about one another, and about ourselves."


1. Created by God to Know God
2. God’s Concern for Humanity
3. God Intervenes
4. Sacrifice and Blessing
5. God is Faithful
6. Faithfulness and Obedience
7. Conflict and Blessing
8. God Gives Second Chances
9. God Honors Our Persistence
10. Hope in the Face of Hardship
11. The Spirit Gives Wisdom
12. From Death to Life
13. God's Providence is Powerful



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