I Was a Stranger
I Was a Stranger
Friends United Press

I Was a Stranger

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A Pastor and Professor Quaker Mystery

“I readily admit I am a mystery reader—most often of the "cozy" variety, meaning fun characters and situations without too much violence and horror. But I am even more a lover of spiritual writing. Memoirs are my favorite, where I see the individual life with God and the personal wrestling with how to meet daily life while in touch with the More Than Daily.

“It was therefore an absolute joy to be able to work with Patricia Thomas in re-working her first self-published novel into the latest offering by Friends United Press. Here was the delight of a set of characters I wish I knew in person, whose journey through the intrigues of mystery I enjoyed, while at the same time experiencing how the protagonist lives out her life of faith through the prism of Quakerism's unique gifts—and chuckling along watching the rest of her world trying to make sense of her uniquely Quaker oddities. If you appreciate exploring with another Friend how to live our unique faith during contemporary challenges of all kinds, I highly recommend I Was a Stranger!” — Kristna Evans

  • Author: Patricia Thomas
  • Cover art: Rebecca Kinsinger Bowman
  • Publisher: Friends United Press, 2020
  • paperback, 254 pages, ISBN: 9780944350843

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